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Aloha Cuts

Ticonderoga Pastel Hula Pencils (12pk)

Ticonderoga Pastel Hula Pencils (12pk)

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This charming set of colorful pencils, made in Hawaii, features an assortment of pastel hues and playful, inspirational phrases that embody the vibrant spirit of the islands.

Each pencil is inscribed with encouraging words like "Kāhea Louder," "'Ai Haʻa Lower," "Eat, Sleep, Hula, Repeat," "Hula with Heart," "Move Those Hips," and "Hula is Life," capturing the essence of Hawaiian culture and the joy of hula dancing.

Perfect for adding a touch of Aloha to your daily writing tasks, these pencils are both functional and fun, making them a delightful souvenir or gift for anyone who appreciates the lively and positive vibes of Hawaii.

Packaged with a "Made in Hawaii with Aloha" label, they are a genuine reminder of the island's unique charm and creativity.

  • Made using pre-sharpened Ticonderoga #2 pencils
  • Pastel colors are random and are not selectable
  • Designed & Engraved In Honolulu

We can also create a custom design or size, please contact us for more information.

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