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'Okole Maluna Shot Glass - Glitter Gold

'Okole Maluna Shot Glass - Glitter Gold

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This dazzling gold shot glass, inscribed with the Hawaiian phrase "‘Okole Maluna," meaning "Bottoms Up," is a vibrant and celebratory piece perfect for any occasion. The glittering gold finish adds a touch of glamour and festivity, making it an eye-catching addition to your collection. Featuring a sturdy clear lid and a sleek, modern design, this shot glass is both stylish and functional. Crafted in Hawaii, it captures the essence of Aloha, making it an ideal souvenir or gift that brings the joyful and welcoming spirit of the islands to your gatherings. Whether used for enjoying a favorite drink or as a decorative accent, this shot glass is a delightful reminder of Hawaii's unique charm and festive culture.

Don't settle for ordinary shot glasses that let you down. Upgrade to the ‘ōkole Maluna Shot Cup today and experience shot-taking in a whole new way!

Pair this with our short stainless steel straw for extra fun!

🛒 Hurry, limited stock available! 🛒


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