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Acrylic Shaka shaped "Pointers" Hands Free Button Pusher

Acrylic Shaka shaped "Pointers" Hands Free Button Pusher

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- These are shaka shaped “pointers” for you to use instead of your own fingers while pushing buttons in public areas, such as the elevator button, at the ATM Machine, at a credit card machine at the store, maybe even a remote or microwave at work, even turn on and off a light switch with ease! Hands free for high contact surfaces!


- Laser cut from durable 1/4" thick acrylic and can be easily wiped clean.

- Measurements - 3 1/2" wide at top of shaka  by  2 1/2" tall

- Hole for finger is 7/8" in diameter and provides easier use

- Comes in black, blue, white or clear acrylic

- Made In Honolulu, Hawai'i

**PLEASE NOTE: these will be mailed with a protective paper covering on both sides, please peel off before using. Please wash with soap or mild bleach solution before using, do not use alcohol as it may damage the acrylic surface. These pointers are meant to decrease the amount of surfaces you touch, but remember that they are not replacements for risk reduction practices, such as social distancing and washing your hands **

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