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Aloha Cuts

2024 Shell Collection Keepsake Ornaments (6pcs)

2024 Shell Collection Keepsake Ornaments (6pcs)

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This stunning collection of wooden laser-cut keepsakes features a variety of intricately detailed marine shells, each enclosed within a circular frame. The set includes beautifully rendered depictions of a conch shell, an oyster with a pearl, a scallop shell, a nautilus shell, a turban shell, and a whelk shell, showcasing the diverse and enchanting forms found in the ocean. Made in Hawaii, each piece embodies the spirit of Aloha, celebrating the islands' rich marine heritage and natural beauty. The precision of the laser cutting highlights the unique textures and patterns of each shell, making this collection a perfect set of souvenirs or decorative items for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and the wonders of the sea. 

Packaged with care and adorned with a "Made in Hawaii with Aloha" label, this keepsake serves as a charming reminder of the islands' unique heritage and natural splendor.

  • Measurements - Each keepsake is roughly 2 7/8" (wide) X 3 3/8" (tall)
  • Made from sturdy Birch Plywood. You can paint, stain or leave natural.
  • Natural variations in wood color and pattern should be expected, no two are exactly the same.
  • All our items are designed, cut, and made in Hawai'i, on the island of O'ahu.


We can also create a custom design or size, please contact us for more information.

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