Bighorn High Gloss 47.3 CuFt Gun Safe, 120 minute Fire Rating

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  • Since 1999, Rhino Metals, Inc. the maker of Bighorn®, Kodiak®, Rhino®, and Ironworks® Safes, has consistently provided homeowners and businesses with the highest quality safes and customer service available, earning the reputation of being the “biggest bang for your buck”.


  • At 1270 lbs and 47.3 cubic feet (27 lbs per cubic feet), this American made, 2 Hour fire rated safe gives you superior security, fire protection, style and convenience, all at an unbeatable value.


  • The EMP-Resistant Sargent & Greenleaf electronic lock is simple to use and utilizes a proven UL certified design, with greater security and reliability than typical locks. The single 9 volt battery is mounted within the keypad on the front of the safe and can be changed without having to open the door or unlock the safe. Your 6 digit PIN code is stored in EPROM memory within the safe door, shielded along with the internal lock by a ball bearing drill plate, and will remain in memory for years even if the battery or keypad is destroyed or removed. With the lock’s brains and memory protected inside the safe, the lock and keypad cannot be hotwired. Also, after several incorrect PINS have been entered, the lock will go into a timed lockout mode disabling all inputs to the keypad and delaying further tampering.


  • The Bighorn B7242XGL-TTM offers American made quality, and premium security, fire protection and convenient features. Both the electronic lock and the safe design have each earned Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) certifications for security. The 1270 lb safe body is 10 Gauge (.135”) thick steel. A whopping sixteen 1.25” diameter door bolts (10 active and 6 dead) supported by anti-pry supports, secure the 5.75” thick door with a solid ¼” plate steel door front. The patented F-4 clutched drive system has over center anti-punch linkages, and numerous anti-tamper features, along with 1.75” of door bolt extension, almost 40% more than the typical gun safe. The lock is protected by a ball bearing drill plate and spring loaded relocker, which is designed to deadbolt the entire system if the lock is attacked.

External Hinges for better access and better fire protection

  • The Bighorn B7242XGL-TTM safe is made with external hinges, allowing you to open the door a full 180° providing greater access to the inside of your safe than internal hinge designs which generally only open to about 90°. Additionally, the external hinges help improve fire resistance because there are no gaps in the lining of the door (a common heat transfer point with internal hinge systems). Deadbolts on the hinge side of the door lock behind the door frame to secure the door even in the event the hinges were somehow cut or removed in a break-in attempt.

Fire Protection

  • This safe has a 2 hour/ 1400° F fire rating. The body and door of the safe are lined with fire protective gypsum board and dual heat activated door seals which swell when heated, sealing the gaps between the door and door frame. Additional fire protection features include the extra thick body and door face, 5.75” thick door and external hinges.


  • Each safe is finished with a durable and plush fabric for protecting your valuables from getting banged up. Easily adjustable shelves allow reconfiguring to meet changing needs. An interior electrical outlet mounted low on the back wall lets you power accessories like dehumidifiers, watch winders, and charge personal electronic devices (not included).  Motion activated interior lighting behind the door frame fully illuminate your valuables, regardless of the room lighting.  A deluxe doorback organizer allows you to store items for quick access.  Accessories can also be easily added to customize the safe for more specific needs and the safe is predrilled to accept the patented swingout rack, sold separately. The floor of the safe is predrilled for bolting down and includes anchoring hardware for mounting to concrete floors.

Product Specs

  • Exterior Dimensions: 72” H x 42” W x 27” D (not including handle)
  • Interior Dimensions: 66.9" H x 37.5" W x 18.7" D
  • Net Weight: 1270 lbs.
  • Door Thickness: 5.75” overall thickness, ¼” plate steel door face with 12 GA formed back
  • Exterior space: 47.3 cubic feet
  • Interior space: 27.15 cubic feet
  • Long Gun Slots: 54
  • Fire Rating: 2 Hour / 1400°F fire protection
  • Handles: 5 spoke
  • Color: Metal flake titanium, High gloss automotive with black logo and handle
  • Certifications: Meets UL Certified Residential Security Container/Attack Level One & Exceeds California Department of Justice acceptable gun safe standards.


  • With each full-size gun safe we manufacture, we provide our customers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is the best in the industry! This provides you the peace of mind that we’ll repair or replace your safe after a burglary or fire. Our warranty is backed by friendly and highly trained personnel who are pleased to offer rapid, customer-direct resolution to any of your questions or problems.

Other Great Features

  • 5 spoke vault style handle
  • Easy to remove shipping feet (no troublesome wood pallet)
  • USA quality. Made in Caldwell, Idaho from US and global components.
  • Heavy-Duty bolt down kit included


  • Brand:Bighorn
  • Model: B7242XGL-TTM
  • Color: Metal flake titanium, high gloss automotive style
  • Adjustable Shelves: Yes
  • Gun shelf: 2 (high capacity on left side, horseshoe on right)
  • Capacity: 47.3 cu. ft.
  • Door Thickness: 5.75 in.
  • Exterior Depth: 27 in.
  • Exterior Height: 72 in.
  • Exterior Width: 42 in.
  • Interior Depth: 18.7 in.
  • Interior Height: 66.9 in.
  • Interior Width: 37.5 in.
  • Fire rating Time: 2 hours
  • Lock Type: UL listed electronic
  • Body thickness: 10 GA steel (.135” thick)
  • Door Thickness: 5.75” overall, ¼” thick plate steel door face with 12 GA steel (.105” thick) formed back
  • Interior electrical outlet with USB power port: Yes
  • Interior Lighting: Yes, factory installed, 120V, motion activated, Bright LEDs
  • Net Weight: 1270 lbs
  • Made in: USA, from US and global components